About Ben

Ben is an artist, musician and luthier currently living in East London, UK.  When he's not injured he enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding and long walks with his wife and their dog Leroy. Ben writes and performs music under the name Lonesome Shack. In his workshop in Hackney, Ben fixes guitars, makes art and writes music.

"My recent work explores combinations of abstract and figurative forms, mark making and spontaneity. I approach each piece as an experiment, with no clear goal in mind.

I aim to make a body of work that is expansive and varied in style. I hope to capture a sense of discovery and immediacy through painting. Most of my source material comes from memory, and sometimes photographs. I like to use animal and human forms, elements of nature and internal vision. My process usually starts with intuitive application of paint to canvas until a dialogue opens up. If the dialogue fails it’s covered up or scraped away until a new thing emerges. In this way each painting becomes a conversation, connected to those that came before it.

While I have been an active artist all my life including completing art courses at Evergreen State College and University of New Mexico, I have not actively pursued showing my visual work until recently. I have always been inspired by my artist communities, ranging from years spent living both in the Pacific Northwest to the Southwest of the United States along with much experience touring my music around North America and Europe.”  

Email inquiries in the form below or email me direct at bendaytodd@gmail.com. Thanks for stopping by.

Workshop Phone: 0207 117 6106

I offer professional guitar repair in London, UK by appointment. Give me a holler! More info HERE.

Photo: Christina Lonsdale